sfvAlarms Download:

A windows utility to allow the export and import of VMware vCenter Alarms. Full details of functionality can be found in the User Guide!

sfvAlarms User Guide (Revision 3)

sfvAlarmsSetup (v1.1.2)

Note: WordPress hosting only allows certain file types in the Media area. After download of sfvAlarmsSetup.pps, rename to sfvAlarmsSetup.msi and you are good to go!

Default alarm sets exported from vCenter versions 4, 5 and 5.1 are contained in this document. These sets can be used with sfvAlarms. You can share your custom alarms by zipping up alarm sets folder in the same way!

NEW VERSION v1.1.2 to support additional characters in alarm names.

24 thoughts on “Download

      • Thanks for looking – did you see the note at the top? WordPress hosting only allows certain file types in the Media area. After download of sfvAlarmsSetup.pps, rename to sfvAlarmsSetup.msi and you are good to go!

      • I apologize, it did finally connect after about 5 minutes of trying. I thought the export would be in excel format though, not xml. Is there any way to get it in excel format? Thanks!

      • It does take up to 5 mins to connect (hopefully it says this in the user guide!). This is due to unoptimised DLL usage.. which is needed for serialisation method used to export/import. The XML file for each alarm is just the transport mechanism so can import again easily. I am not sure why you would want in excel unless just for documentation purposes? I guess you would want all the alarms listed in a single sheet? However each alarm contains quite complicated structures and not sure these would be suitable for excel… e.g. showing the logic of triggers and thresholds. So, sorry, no, it doesnt do Excel and this would be something you would need to do yourself. There are quite a few translators you can get though. Thanks for your interest 🙂

  1. Yes it’s mainly to see what is all setup currently so I can decide if it’s what I want to keep or if I want to modify it. It would be nice to see on one sheet. Thanks for your response and for sharing this tool with everyone.

  2. Hi, While downloading sfvAlarmsSetup, it actually downloads a sfvalarmssetup.pps file rather setup. Can you please take a look

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    • It should be possible… if I find some time to resurrect my dev VM will have a look (and try to remember how it all works!)
      Have been away from VMware for a while dealing with delights of VMM and Hyper-V.

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