This is the sometime blog of stripeyfish. Hosted at WordPress it is mostly IT based. I am not a company or front for something else… just an individual who is trying to keep his hand in at being techincal’ish 🙂

NOTE: I have set all posts to be moderated first – so please be patient if you comment on a post and don’t see it straight-away – thanks.


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  1. Hi – is there a way to run sfvAlarms within a script/PowerCLI? e.g. would like to automate alarms import to set them up during a vCenter intall/build process. Thanks!

    • If you have a C# project you can just add in reference to the sfvLibrary.dll that gets extracted after installation (sticking the two other DLLs in the same folder), then start referencing the same public functions that sfvAlarms UI calls. Alternatively if using powershell (and my knowledge of PS is very limited!), you should also be able load in the dll, then create new object against sfvLibrary.sfv, and then start accessing the public functions that way – but have never tried this.
      I will update the user guide with the exposed API calls in the library and how to use them – may take me a few days to get this done. If I get time will also look into using the library in PS. The library calls also include a logger function which it is up to the calling function to instantiate however they wish. WIll document this as well.

      As an aside, sfvAlarms was born out of a much larger project that completely automates the build out of a ground up vCenter configuration driven by XML that describes the set-up required. Good luck with your vCenter automation and thanks for your interest. Will post when have updated the user guide. SF.

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