vCenter 5.5 Compatibility

Have just given the current version a basic test again vCenter 5.5 and all seems good! I used the vCenter appliance, specifically version 5.5.0, build 1398495, and fired up the existing version of sfvAlarms against it. VMware have upped the number of default alarms again, and there are now some 68 alarms. I ran a basic test of exporting the default alarms, deleting them, and importing again. All looks good. There is a new version of the SDK, so at some point I should really compile against the new SDK and then re-check against all versions and try out a few custom alarms set at different levels.

Appreciate all feedback against 5.5 or if you encounter any issues.


2 thoughts on “vCenter 5.5 Compatibility

    • Good question and one that has me stumped as well! Looks like a problem on VMware’s part(?). The vCenter Appliance is from file “VMware-vCenter-Server-Appliance-”, so build number from this is 1398493. This ties up with what is reported when running the appliance:
      vCenter Appliance Admin Page Version

      However when you log into the Web Client, the version is given as 1398495!!!
      vCenter Appliance Web Console Version

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