sfvAlarms – Updated Version Available

I have uploaded a new version (v1.1.2) – see Download page. This fixes a small issue where characters in the Alarm name were invalid when used as file names for export. Thanks to Rob for taking the time to post on this issue and send me output from his export so I could nail it. The Dell Management Plugin he is using adds a load more alarms, some using characters in the alarm name which were invalid when used as filenames.


2 thoughts on “sfvAlarms – Updated Version Available

  1. hello, i have an issue exporting alarms from two esx5.1 with latest version of sfvalarms:
    Expected tag not foundwhile parsing call information method GetAlarmat line 1, column 218while parsing SOAP bodyat line 1, column 207 etc.
    this two hosts are part of vcenter cluster, exporting at root level works.
    is this behavoiur expected?

    • Hi, can I just check you are connecting to vCenter only and not direct to a host? Alarms are only part of vCenter. Within vCenter, alarms should be exported when set on any entity/level.

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