sfvAlarms – New Version

Just uploaded a new version of sfvAlarms. Had a feature request over on vladan’s blog to allow the user to specify the alarm export path so as not to fall foul of local policies that limit where data can be written to. This is now implemented in v1.1.1 available on Download page along with updated user guide. The export setting is on the Preferences dialogue – you can leave at default  or specify custom folder.


9 thoughts on “sfvAlarms – New Version

  1. I am having an issue with an error on export. “The given path’s format is not supported.” is the error. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Sorry to hear you are having issues. Is this when you are using default export path or custom path as set in preferences dialogue? If using custom path, what are you entering? Local, UNC? Relative path? Think have only tested selecting local path starting with a drive letter. Let me know and I will take a look for you. Thanks for your interest 🙂

  2. I successfully exported the alarms from one vCenter and imported them into another one. The alarm definition in the target vCenter are exactly like the source. However, alarms do not trigger when conditions are met. For example, the datastore disk usage alarm is set to issue a warning when usage reaches 86% but I have no warnings in the vCenter even though I know there’s 6 datastores with over 86% disk usage! I tried deleting the trigger inside this alarm and re-adding it and the alarm worked fine. Do you have any idea why this happens?

    • That is odd! Which version of vSphere are you using? I have some vSphere appliances and will try to mimic the same setup and try to cause some datastore alarms and see what happens when I remove all the alarms and re-import using the utility. SF.

    • Hi, apologies for delay in looking into this for you.
      I have only managed to test out on a vSphere 4 system so far. I exported all the default alarms from my system, then deleted all the alarms. In the export files I modified the datastore usage on disk figures for warning and alert. I then imported the alarms. My test datastore was at a level not to cause any alerts or warnings.
      I then uploaded a dummy large file to my test datastore that would cause the warning condition of datastore usage on disk alarm to be triggered. After a short while the warning condition alarm was triggered automatically. I then uploaded a further large dummy file that would cause the alert condition to be triggered. However it didnt trigger unless I refreshed the datastore specifically. Which is odd. Deleting the dummy files cause the alarm (either warning or alert) to clear almost immediately. Looking in the forums and online / VMWare KBs, there seems to be a known issue with datastore usage on disk alarm alert condition not being triggered correctly, although most seem to say this affects vSphere 4.1. On my vSphere 4 rig, the warning triggers correctly but the alert condition does not without me manually refereshing the datastore. There definately seems to be an issue with this particular alarm as there are KBs and other people posting about it.
      I will try to run through the same scenario on vSphere 5 soon as I can.
      Regards, SF.

    • Could be down to path length as one of the alarms has a very long name. Can you set something short like c:\temp in preferences for export path and let me know how you get on. If it is path length, could add a check for this in next release.

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