VMware vCenter Server Alarms – Import and Export utility now uploaded!

V1.0.0 of sfvAlarms has hit the decks and is now available on the download page. This simple utility allows the export and import of vCenter Server alarms from a simple Windows GUI. It uses the VMware Web Services SDK and is written in C#.

I felt something a lot simpler than having to use Powershell scripting or other scripts would enable managing alarms across vCenter’s to be much more controlled. Being able to import and export alarms at will allows for duplication of alarms as well as being able to revert to a known state in case of meddlers!

All comments greatly received as well as enhancement requests! I have tested as much as I can on vCenter 4 and against the vCenter 5 appliance. The User Guide on the download page has much more info about the utility.

If you are giving it a whirl I would obviously suggest not installing it on a production environment, but trying it out on a test vCenter installation first or maybe the VMware vCenter 5 appliance that can be downloaded from VMware.

Hope it proves useful, if not at least it has been a technical exercise for me to brush up on some programming skills 🙂


8 thoughts on “VMware vCenter Server Alarms – Import and Export utility now uploaded!

  1. Thats pretty neat! Just read the user guide – you have put a lot of work in! Can see its going to be useful for syncing alarms iin our vCenter installations. Will give it a try next week and post back.

    • Thanks for looking – let me know how you get on. Be good to get some feedback from others. Done as much testing as I can but nothing beats more users giving it a go.

  2. Looks good. I have some scenarios where ESXi hosts are not managed by vCenter. Do you think it would be possible to have a version of the app that is capable of exporting and importing the alarms at the host level?

    • Hmmm.. I think Alarms are limited to vCenter? If you use the vSphere Client to log directly into a host, then there is nowhere to define alarms. I think you are going to have to bring those hosts under vCenter if you want them to raise alarms. You can set up syslog directly on the hosts though and get them to send to a syslog server where you can manage the events, but dont think you can do much else with a standalone host. If you find out anything else re alarms on hosts directly then please let me know! Thanks for your interest 🙂

  3. Tested on vCenter 5.1 and im seeing this error “A Specified parameter was not correct”. Just Exported the Alarms , deleted one to test, and run the Import and seeing this message for each alarms.

    • cheers Pascal, haven’t had a chance to look at 5.1 yet… If there is a new version of the SDK then will probably need to recompile against it and then retest backwards compatibility against 4 and 5. Will post when get a chance to download 5.1 and uplift.

      • Thanks for the reply, I think you are correct about the SDK, it needs to be recompile to be compatible. I’m looking forward to test a new version if this NICE to have tool!

  4. Managed to download the 5.1 vCenter appliance and get it up and running under VMware Workstation tonight and also compiled the new VimService DLLs from the 5.1 SDK. Hopefully tomorrow will get a chance to update sfvAlarms and test again 5.1 (will also need to retest against 4 and 5 before upload to blog).

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